The mood of entrepreneurs continues to worsen and over 30% of small business owners have a negative opinion of the Polish economy. However, entrepreneurs from the SME sector are aware that waiting for a change in this situation will not save them from financial losses. That is why it is worth looking for quick savings inside the company and invest wisely to permanently reduce costs.


Even in difficult times on the market, a conscious owner of a small business will not only plan how not to lose, but also to constantly develop his business. According to the research conducted by the Keralla Research Institute on the SME sector, 39.8% of respondents expect the situation on the market to deteriorate, so instead of seekinghelp

externalor waiting for the situation to stabilize, it is better to start acting on your own. Improving the company’s management system, even in a micro-enterprise, will help both in effective acquisition of new customers and minimizing costs.

Innovative solutions – tangible profit

According to research by the Keralla Institute, despite the negative moods, almost half of entrepreneurs do not intend to completely give up

their investments. Small business owners

are increasingly realizing that innovative solutions make the market value of a business more attractive. Experts say that the economic situation of SMEs can improve m.


inĀ  investments that will allow the company to reduce expenses in the future. That is why 9.7% of small enterprises planned to invest in software in the first quarter of 2012. Considering the fact that the development of the market forces entrepreneurs to be mobile and the ability to change industries, software in the cloud may be the solution. – Currently, even micro-entrepreneurs are beginning to appreciate the use of the cloud computing system – says Jakub Wietrzyk, a specialist in new technologies at wfirma.pl. – An increasing number of applications dedicated to small entrepreneurs are adapted to operate

in the computing cloud. You can use both CRM systems, programs facilitating human resources management or accounting. These innovative IT solutions not only improve the functioning of the company, but also contribute to building a competitive advantage – adds the expert.oriented activities

Customer-in the form of CRM systems and facilitating business management, such as HR programs, can bring long-term benefits to micro-entrepreneurs. Although so far this type of IT solutions were associated rather with corporate investments, nowadays thanks to such applications operating in the cloud, every, even the smallest company can afford them. – Investing in software

in the cloud, regardless of whether it is a CRM system or online accounting, is a kind of outsourcing – says Jakub Wietrzyk. – It gives you access to all updates and expert knowledge, but at the same time allows you to fully control the data flow. In addition, as research shows, the average office worker spends 25% of time finding information necessary in everyday work, which is why any investment that improves the work system will translate into saving time and thus money – adds Wietrzyk.

Modern thinking – real savings.

In order to protect themselves against the lack of financial liquidity at the time of the greatest crises, small companies want to quickly and effectively reduce their expenses. Often, however, such ad hoc measures are unfavorable in the long run, and the use of short-term measures disrupts the company’s business plans. Therefore, instead of trying to cut costs at all costs and resign from services that facilitate company management, it is worth replacing them with more economical ones. A modern business owner wants to use

solutions that provide tools that, on the one hand, support business operations, and on the other hand, provide freedom in information management. By consciously resigning from the human resources or accounting department, the microentrepreneur not only saves money, but also shortens the time of the formal path, independently handling the data. If he settles and creates his tax and financial documents inside the company, he can count on savings of PLN 100-350 per month. Almost 40% of companies from the SME sector settle accounts on their own, and fearing the financial outlays that they have to incur

in the first period of implementing traditional software, they are afraid of this type of IT solutions. – Cloud computing applications for invoicing or accounting do not have to be systematically updated or specially prepared for use in a specific environment – says Jakub Wietrzyk. – The owner of a small business also saves on costs related to a separate IT department or substantive assistance, because behind each platform of this type there is a team of specialists who solve problems without additional fees – adds the expert. Although the forecasts for an improvement in the economic situation are not optimistic, the owners of SME companies plan to successively invest in modern solutions, being aware that those who stand still in business are actually regaining their momentum. In addition, the constantly changing market requires from the micro-entrepreneur flexibility and the ability to adapt to any situation. The modular structure of the CRM application or internet accounting allows the software to be precisely adapted to the company’s needs, and each function can be expanded at any time. Therefore, when the “lean years” are over and the time of prosperity begins, this crisis investment will develop along with the company.