Change of profession after the age of 50. When is it worth doing?



Fortunately, people over 50 are no longer treated as those who are almost post-productive. They can still be valuable or even invaluable employees, offering the employer their commitment, experience, outstanding skills and reliability. It happens, however, that due to, for example, changes in the labor market, it is difficult for middle-aged people to stay in the position held for many years. This should motivate them to change their profession – regardless of age. When is it worth taking this step?

When things go wrong in the company

As an experienced employee, you should easily notice symptoms that your long-term employer is in serious trouble. Instead of allowing a situation in which you will be unemployed from quarter to quarter, think about changing the industry now. Use every opportunity to learn new skills. For example: if you are a warehouse worker, there is nothing to prevent you from using the option of obtaining a forklift license, where the course is financed by the employer.

When an attractive change-of-industry program appears.

Such programs are most often piloted by voivodeship and poviat labor offices, but also local employers’ organizations or local government authorities. Follow the news about all courses and select those that may be particularly attractive to you. You risk nothing, and by acquiring a new profession you will get very effective protection against unemployment.

When you can turn a hobby into a job

Do you have any passion unrelated to your current job? Consider whether you can use it for professional purposes. For example: you love to repair small electronics. You surely know that everyone uses it nowadays, so people with such a profession will easily cope with the labor market. So let’s somehow formalize your skills, e.g. by taking a professional course.

When you plan to continue your career for many more years

Not every person who is, for example, 55 years old is already thinking about retirement. There are loads of workers approaching retirement age who cannot imagine sitting at home. If this is the case with you, go ahead and re-branch. After all, you must be aware that the labor market is changing, and your current employer does not have to be unsinkable.