Don’t make these mistakes on the first date, because there will be no second meeting

Hardly anyone is laid back before the first date and goes to such a meeting with exceptional self-confidence. It’s not too bad. However, it is important to avoid mistakes that can jeopardize the chances of developing a relationship (if you want to, of course!).

The first mistake you can think of when it comes to first dates?

The dating mistake that happens very often is the use of the phone a lot. A few years ago, I probably would not have mentioned it, because it probably did not happen, but today, on dates, both women and men are constantly checking their phones and checking social media. This is unforgivable because the other person feels a bit ignored.

It also happens that someone withholds certain details or is just lying about themselves?

Some women don’t say they have children, there are people who are ashamed of their jobs. My office is also visited by people who try to hide or exaggerate something, but I do not allow them to do so. People color it, but it still works out because a lie has short legs.
We also shouldn’t jump on the other person too much, show that we care too much, because we’ll be desperate. It happens that someone acts as if this date is the most important in life and it depends on whether we are happy or not.

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Is it a mistake that we want to show ourselves too much on the good side?

Men, if they are a little undervalued, imagine that if they show off what they have, she will be more interested. It happens that they talk about what they drive, where they live, how many zeros are in their account. Such praise is also out of the question.
Another mistake is telling about your exes. Talk about them, talk bad about them. The person we have met may think that we will also be unfavorable about them when we part ways. Besides, it may also mean that the person has not yet closed a chapter in their life. It also happens that gentlemen are on a date with a woman and their eyes follow other ladies.

It’s probably also a question of character … Are you also making mistakes with your appearance?

Yes, sometimes we dress inappropriately. Avoid exaggerated makeup, navel neckline, and too short a dress that exposes panties. It is known that cleanliness and tidiness are important. The point is not that the items of clothing we are wearing are exclusive, but do not let them be crumpled, stained or have holes in them.
You should also not drink too much alcohol, and exceeding the right amount happens to both women and men. They say “drink of courage”, but then there is the second, third, fourth and … shame.

What topics should you not mention?

I would avoid politics and religion. Nor should you talk about vomiting, diarrhea, menstruation … I once had a client who told me before the date that unfortunately she would not come because she had diarrhea. The guy probably imagined her sitting in the restroom. We do not talk over friends, girlfriends or neighbors from the next table.
Nor should we, and women tend to do so, to conduct interrogations. We don’t need to know everything right away. Someone may feel trapped. It is also a mistake to speak only about yourself, such a monologue, not being interested in the other person at all, not listening to them.