Do you run a company and are you afraid that your employees will abuse your trust? It is practically a standard in activities where entrepreneurs offer company cars to their subordinates. After a few weeks, they usually start being used as private models, so it’s no surprise that fuel consumption starts to skyrocket and parts deteriorate more and more. Is there an option to prevent this from happening?

Yes of course. This is an offer of systems such as professional GPS monitoring, which can be additionally installed in assets or other machines. The current technological advancement allows us to achieve great results. If you want to learn more about such systems, please read the rest of the material. You will learn all the important details there, so that the investment should not be a problem for you.

Basic GPS monitoring
Do you want to know where your car is at any given moment? Then you need a compact locator that does not even need to be installed in the vehicle system. There are devices on the market that offer location by means of a GPS signal, with GSM support.

What is the GSM module to be used for? Because GPS monitoring does not work when the vehicle or object is under the roof. The problem may arise even when the driver enters a densely forested area or thick clouds appear in the sky. The GSM module should solve the problem quickly and reliably.

Investment cost and possible cost recovery
Each investment must be supported by a positive balance sheet. If something does not bring you at least an indirect profit, then it is not worth buying. What is the situation in the case of systems such as GPS monitoring? Let’s assume that one company car travels 50,000 kilometers every year. If your employees use the car for private purposes, you can probably lower this figure by about 15,000. Counting that driving 100 kilometers by car costs an average of PLN 35, by installing GPS monitoring in the car, you can save over PLN 5,000 a year. However, remember to inform your employees that such a system is found in cars. Otherwise, they may feel under surveillance.