Online studies: who is it the best solution for?



Studying online has gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic and has proven to be so successful that many universities are already considering launching such an option on a permanent basis. There is quite a large group of students for whom this would be an ideal solution. Are online studies for you? We don’t know this, but we can list situations where it would be a really good idea.

Chronic Disease

Online studies are even designed for students who cannot take part in full-time classes for health reasons. Chronic disease, however, should not stand in the way of obtaining a higher education. Thanks to the online study option, you can participate in classes, contact lecturers and even write a master’s or bachelor’s thesis under the supervision of a supervisor.

Online studies at a foreign university

Unfortunately, Polish universities are lagging behind when it comes to the availability of fully online courses. It is completely different in Western universities. There, this model has been practiced for a long time and many universities, e.g. in the USA or Great Britain, offer students from all over the world the opportunity to study remotely.


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Combining studies with work

Here the matter is obvious. If you cannot afford to focus 100% on your studies and you need to work professionally, online studies will be a very interesting solution for you. The timetable can be adapted to the student’s calendar here, as many classes and lectures are simply recorded.

Willingness to reduce costs

Online studies do not necessarily have to be cheaper than part-time studies, but in total they should still generate a slightly lower cost. All thanks to the fact that the student does not have to spend money on commuting, dormitory, meals, photocopying of materials, etc. In this respect, it is a very interesting solution for those who take every zloty into account.

Complementing your education

Online studies are a very nice idea for people who already have higher education, but want to do a faculty. It is postgraduate studies that are most often offered in the online formula. Thanks to the term, you can easily adjust the pace and scope of learning to your professional and family duties.