Redesigned One Paseo Approved

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City Council Approves updated One Paseo project

The City Council approved the "New" One Paseo project on June 27, 2016.

Information on One Paseo

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WPMS Statement on One Paseo

The WhatPriceMainStreet Steering Committee (WPMS), a local group concerned with the impacts of One Paseo, has been quiet since the City Council reversed its course and rejected the original project. To get the reversal and ensure a significant reduction in the project impacts, members of the group worked to forge a settlement agreement with Kilroy. The agreement focused on traffic reduction, street improvements, and reductions in bulk and scale across the project.

Had we not forged this agreement with Kilroy, the Council likely would have put One Paseo to a citywide vote. While we felt we were in the right, there is risk in such a vote. The outcome of a loss would have been construction of the original One Paseo with the huge negative impacts we fought so hard to defeat. Given that risk and our lack of financial resources required to win a citywide initiative, we chose to settle.

Since then, WPMS has worked with Kilroy to see that the original project impacts were greatly reduced, and ensure that residents of Carmel Valley and the surrounding areas had the opportunity to provide input to the new design. We believe this process was followed and that the new One Paseo not only complies with the terms of the agreement, but leaves our community far less impacted than the original project would have.

The WPMS Steering Committee does not oppose the New One Paseo project. The project may not be perfect, however, the changes proposed significantly reduce traffic, cut the number of additional intersections and turn lanes, and vastly improve the building heights along Del Mar Heights and El Camino Real.

We understand that not everyone will be happy with the outcome, but believe this is a project that the community can live with. It is a reasonable compromise that addresses the needs of the City to provide more jobs and more housing, while fulfilling the desires of members of the community for additional shopping and dining opportunities.