Thanks to modern solutions, easily accessible, fast internet in virtually every corner of the world, we are able to make purchases even while on vacation. It also works the other way around – we can also easily open our online store, without renting a store room or complicated logistics. Is it possible? We invite you to read our short guide on your own online store.

Your online store – where to start?

When setting up your online store, you should first consider whether you want to have a separate website or whether you want to sell using very common shopping platforms. If it’s the first – we have to take into account the cost of setting up a website that must be as automated as possible. In the second case, we must also remember about sales commissions. The second issue concerns the assessment of what is new we can offer to our potential customers – whether we will be able to afford competitive prices of an existing product on the Polish market, or whether we want to focus on new products. In both cases, we have to take into account the formalities, as well as the fact that each of our products should have labels with Polish inscriptions and EAN codes (bar codes). For this purpose, it is worth getting equipment such as label printers, which, being compact in size, will certainly improve the labeling of goods in your store. This applies not only to items that you create in Poland, but also to those imported from abroad. Recently, it has become very fashionable to import small gadgets from China, and then to sell them with Polish instructions and packaging.

How to deal with stocking up?

At the beginning, you don’t need to have a lot of choice and invest in the full offer. A very popular solution is dropshipping, i.e. being a so-called intermediary in the transaction. Your potential customers order goods from you, but you automatically order them from your supplier. The products are sent directly to the customer to whom you signal earlier a longer delivery. Very often, this type of solution is the basis for creating an online store when we do not have funds for warehouse, transport and goods – here, however, you should take into account the fact that our shop guests and customers will want to wait a little longer for the order than usual. Especially when the goods come from Asia – such a shipment can take up to several weeks. However, at the beginning of our adventure with business on the Internet, this type of sale may make us a slightly more recognizable brand than if we first started with buying a large amount of goods and then started selling it. Dropshipping also reduces the risk that the goods may not sell and remain in stock. However, it does require a good contract with the supplier and trust that he will be able to ship the order to our customers on time with all items as described and photos on the site.