New technologies penetrate deeper and deeper into our lives. We are used to the fact that our smartphones are now handy, multifunctional “mini-computers”, which make everything we need at the moment at our fingertips. Our TV sets allow us to access countless film, music and VOD libraries, and they also efficiently connect and communicate with other devices, significantly extending the basic functions.

We are also starting to get used to the fact that our refrigerators are able to communicate to us about shortages in stock, and washing machines, dishwashers and other devices can be operated from the level of the mobile application. Therefore, the topic of intelligent buildings appears on the wallpaper more and more often. We want to live more comfortably, and new technologies are a great opportunity for that. We can facilitate everyday activities not only at home, but above all in office buildings – after all, we spend a huge part of our lives at work.

What is an Intelligent Office?
Smart Offices, i.e. Smart Office, are office spaces where work is improved by technological solutions that allow devices to communicate with each other. Control systems allow us to manage multiple devices at the same time. Lighting, air conditioning, blinds, projectors, computers and many other devices can be operated with one application.

Control systems can also operate according to strictly defined scenarios. Such a scenario is conditioned by many factors, for example, the number of people in the room, the temperature inside it or the time of day and the type of lighting. Each of these variables determines what actions will be performed by the given devices.

What solutions can we find in Intelligent Offices?
Working in the office is not always easy, easy and pleasant. Especially when we encounter technical problems. During the presentation, the projector does not connect to the network, and the air conditioning does not obey and it is necessary to open the windows? During a videoconference, it turns out that we do not have access to the files and important data we need? Intelligent appliances and associated control systems provide a solution to these problems.