When is it not worth continuing education?

When is it not worth continuing education?


Education is a very important thing, but it is not always the case that it is necessary to continue education against yourself and under the pressure of others. Young people very often face this dilemma, for example after graduating from high school, who feel that this is not a good time to go to college or post-secondary school. In our guide, we list life situations in which it is definitely not worth further education, but it will be wiser to take a break on your education path.

When you don’t have a plan for your education

In that case, going to a university, for example, that you are completely uninterested in, makes no sense. Don’t be pressured by your parents and friends. If at this point in your life you don’t know what you want to do in the future, don’t make the classic mistake of going to any studies just to “drumm” it.

When you want to gain work experience as soon as possible

It is even more valuable than education. Why? Because education can be supplemented practically at any time, and the chance to take up a nice, developing job may not be repeated for a long time. If you are now at the stage when you feel a strong need to taste the labor market, do not give it up just to continue your education against your interests or skills.

When You Have Financial Problems

This is a prosaic but very important reason why it would be wise to give up your further education for a while. Taking up a professional job will provide you with a livelihood, and maybe even support your loved ones. Although money is not the most important thing, it is difficult to do without it.


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When you dream of studying abroad but cannot afford it yet

This is a very good argument for suspending your education plans for a while. Let’s assume that you dream of graduating from one of the prestigious American universities. You know very well that it costs – and it’s not a little. The entire cycle of studies at such Harvard can cost several hundred thousand dollars. An interesting idea may be to start a job, save part of this sum and return to the path of education in the future, with appropriate financial security.

When you know that you want to work in a profession that does not require a great education

Let’s face it: not everyone has to have a diploma in their pocket to be a sought-after and well-paid professional. There are many professions in which practitioners and people with experience and specific skills are much more valued. You can be an outstanding plumber, electrician, even a programmer, although you will not finish any studies.